Zaid Law

John Zaid at Zaid Law had asked us to create a video that would help new clients understand more about his firm. Every time we spoke with John he expressed how important it was to show everyone at the firm really cares about the clients. This is when we decided it would be best to have actual clients come in and talk about their situation. This project was shot in just under 8 hours and took about 15 additional hours to edit and create the custom graphics. Every project is just as unique as the client so let’s talk about your project.

JT Oilfield

JT Oilfield was looking to create new content for their OTC trade show booth. They would be meeting hundreds of potential new clients over the few days of the show and need to maximize each interaction. The video was shown on large display monitors inside the booth so people passing by would get a clear idea of what products and services were offered. The idea is that each year we will be creating new content so that the reel can grow to over an hour of content playing on a loop. This project was shot over two days at both their locations and took around 20 hours of post work.

Signal Boosters

Signal Boosters was facing a different type of challenge. While sales were very strong, customer support was spending huge amounts of time answering the same questions about the installation process over and over. The best solution was to create a brief video that would cut down on presales questions and ensure that everyone was getting the same install information. This video was such a success we were asked to produce three more. This video took a full day to shoot. Motion graphics, music and editing took another 16 hours.

Dr. Shamburger

We sat down with Dr. Shamburger and learned how she wanted to create a series of videos that would help introduce her practice to new patients. The way people find a doctor has changed dramatically over time and she understood that. Dr. Shamburger wanted to connect, answer some frequently asked questions and make a great first impression before new patients ever walked in the office. We shot 10 two camera interviews in a day and spent a additional two days on editing, motion graphics and music.

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